David Leiner

PhD project


DROPS representation of a quantum mechanical spin operator of a three qubit system.

In my PhD project, I investigate theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum systems consisting of a small number of qubits using methods of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). In particular, I focus on a general Wigner-type representation of quantum mechanical spin operators that can be visualized by a set of spherical functions with characteristic shapes. A general methodology was developed to experimentally map these shapes directly using a novel probing approach based on expectation values of rotated axial spherical tensor operators. This approach was demonstrated experimentally for operators in systems consisting of up to three qubits.
In addition, my work covers fields in quantum optimal control theory. An import part was the experimental verification of a quantum-version of the so-called tennis racket effect in spin systems in joint work with Dominque Sugny and Leo Van-Damme from the University of Burgundy facilitating the design of optimal shaped pulses.


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2016: Pasteur workshop Helmholtz-Zentrum Neuherberg (Ger),“Quantum state tomography in DROPS representation”
2016: Munich Quantum Symposium 2016, poster: “Wigner tomography of operators in multi-qubit systems”


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Glaser Group
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