Moritz August

PhD project

Developing tensor network and deep learning algorithms for simulations in quantum information and quantum many body physics

Video Portrait

Currently under revision.

Publications & preprints

[1] arXiv:1610.06086: Moritz August, Mari Carmen Banuls and Thomas Huckle: On the Approximation of Functionals of Very Large Hermitian Matrices represented as Matrix Product Operators

[2] arXiv:1604.00279: Moritz August and Xiaotong Ni: Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Optimize Dynamical Decoupling for Quantum Memory

[3] Trusted Systems: Michael Weiß, Benjamin Wegenmann, Moritz August and Georg Sigl: On Cache Timing Attacks Considering Multi-Core Aspects in Virtualized Embedded Systems

[4] Master’s Thesis: Moritz August: Deep Learning for Movement Detection in Ultrasound Data

[5] Advances in Multimedia Information Processing: Stefan Romberg, Moritz August, Christian Ries and Rainer Lienhart: Robust Feature Bundling


2016: Workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications, Bordeaux: Approximating Functions of Large Hermitian Matrices

Further information

Nov 2014 – Now
Doctoral studies at Technische Universität München as ExQM student, Germany

Oct 2012 – Sep 2014
Study of informatics at Technische Universität München, Germany

Oct 2009 – Sept 2012
Study of business informatics at Universität Augsburg, Germany


Technical University of Munich
Department of Informatics
Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching, Germany
phone: ++49-89-289-18630