Dr. Thomas Schulte-Herbrüggen

Research Interests

  • Mathematical Systems and Control Theory
  • Optimal Quantum Control & Algorithms
  • Open Quantum Systems
  • Lie Groups and Semigroups
  • Numerical Ranges & C-Numerical Ranges

Selected Publications & Preprints

[1] „Symmetry Principles of Quantum Systems Theory“, R. Zeier & TSH, J. Math. Phys. 52, 113510 (2011).

[2] „Quantum Eror Correction in a Solid-State Hybrid Spin Register“, G. Waldherr et al., Nature 506, 204  (2014).

[3] „High Fidelity Spin Entanglement Using Optimal Control“, Dolde et al., Nature Commun. 5, 3371 (2014).

[4] „A Dynamic Systems Approach to Fermions and Their Relation to Spins“ , Z. Zimboras, R. Zeier, and TSH, EPJ Quantum Technology 1, 11 (2014).

[5] „Controlling Several Atoms in a Cavity“, M. Keyl, R. Zeier, and TSH, New Journal of Physics 16, 065010 (2014).

[6] „Arbitrary n-Qubit State Transfer Using Coherent Control and Simplest Switchable Local Noise“, V. Bergholm, F.K. Wilhelm, and TSH, arXiv:1605.06473 (2016).

Selected Presentations


Video Recording of an Overview Talk at ETH Zurich

Further Information

Dr. Schulte-Herbrüggen via the Munich Quantum Centre


Dept. Chem. OC-II

Lichtenbergstrasse 4
85747 Garching, Germany
phone: ++49-89-289-13312
e-mail: tosh@tum.de